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Terms & Conditions


Exclusions - warm air system

  • Blower housing and cage
  • Ductwork and zone dampers
  • Heat exchanger and combustion chamber
  • Humidifiers

Exclusions - water system

  • Boiler sections and combustion chamber
  • Indirect-fired water heaters
  • Labor and materials to properly maintain
  • Antifreeze protection
  • Steam system components such as water feeders, low water cutoffs, steam traps, condensate pumps, etc.
  • Tankless coils and gaskets; domestic expansion tanks
  • Distribution system: baseboards, radiators, radiant floor heat and specialty controls
  • Water storage tanks

Exclusions - both systems

  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Frozen pipes and frozen oil lines
  • Handling or removal of asbestos or equipment containing asbestos
  • Oil tanks, gauges and supply lines
  • Wood or coal add-on units and heat savers
  • Power venters and vent dampers

Water Heater Coverage Add-On

  • Parts covered include aquastat, burner parts, controls, draft regulator, emergency switch and flue pipe (up to 7"). The labor to repair all of these parts is also covered.
  • Regular tune-up of burner is included.
  • Parts not covered include water heater tank, water piping and power venters.

Terms and Conditions

  1. All heating systems: The Company reserves the right to inspect and approve all heating systems to be covered. This agreement does not cover parts and labor associated with upgrading the heating system to meet newly established state codes.
  2. Service calls after 5 p.m. on weekdays, or on weekends or holidays, because of complete mechanical failure resulting in no heat, will be covered by this plan. All other service calls deemed necessary by the customer during this time frame will be billed at current labor rates.
  3. Edmiston Heating's Peace Of Mind plan is available to persons who purchase their fuel from any reputable company. The agreement will automatically terminate without refund if the customer fails to have Edmiston Heating supply all of their heating service, discontinues doing business with the Company or if anyone other than Edmiston Heating renders service to the burner and equipment. This agreement is also terminable by Edmiston Heating should the customer's account become delinquent.
  4. This agreement covers heating systems with up to three zones. There may be an additional charge for each zone over three.
  5. The Company reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace equipment that has failed. When equipment is replaced, it is the Company's intention to use a comparable model. Replacement parts are subject to any manufacturer's warranty and any warranties implied by law. The Company makes no other express warranties regarding replacement parts.
  6. The plan is non transferable upon the sale of property and will require a re-inspection with the new owner.
  7. This agreement will remain in effect for one year from date of invoice and will automatically renew at the Company's prevailing rates at the time of renewal on a year-to-year basis unless either party gives at least 5 days prior written notice of termination. A refund for a plan already renewed may be issued up to 30 days after renewal date, provided no service has been performed as part of that renewal. No refunds will be issued after 30 days past the issue date or renewal date.
  8. This agreement does not include (A) parts or labor required as a result of abnormal conditions such as water damage, ice damage, fire, flood, freezing, hurricane or other acts of God, power interruptions, insufficient fuel or insufficient water; (B) general plumbing, piping or hot water coil, household wiring or commercial heating equipment; or (C) environmental damage arising out of any leakage or spillage from any oil lines, oil tanks or any other part of a heating system. The Company shall have no responsibility for consequential damage or loss. In no event shall the Company's liability exceed refund of the service plan payments received by the Company in the previous 12 months
  9. The Company shall not be held responsible for parts, materials or components that are discontinued or obsolete.
  10. This agreement does not cover labor and parts associated with correcting fuel flow problems related to outside storage of heating oil.
  11. Payment terms: Payment is due within the terms of the account being billed, not to exceed 30 days. If payment is not received within terms, contract is subject to cancellation and all work performed will be billed at the current hourly labor rate.
  12. Any time in excess of two hours for initial tune-up on a boiler or furnace will be billed at the prevailing rate.
  13. This plan covers residential heating oil systems with a maximum firing rate of 2.5 gallons/hour.
  14. This agreement does not include, and the customer shall be charged separately for, service required as a result of the customer's failure to replace fuses or thermostat batteries, reset circuit breakers, set thermostats properly,  turning on the emergency switch or running out of fuel.